How to make your Ipad work for IPS.


It seems this is the year that everyone is transitioning to IPS(In Person Sales) in their business.  If you are not, please stop and an rethink whether it is worth leaving money on the table.  And maybe for you it is.  We can debate that on another post but those of you who want to transition to IPS this one's for you.

I do my IPS in my client's home.  I do not have a studio BUT I think even if I did I would try to get in the client's house.  The reason I want to do my "Gallery Premiere"(fancy smancy for IPS) in the client's home is because I want to see what walls are in need of updated images and which are completely in need of some art to begin with.  I also get a sense of what products might be the best option for them.  Do they have a huge bookcase full of books?  Albums.  Do they have a coffee tables topped with the latest magazines?  Folio Box or brag books for the more casual home .  As you know, you can get to know a lot about your client by just spending a few minutes in their space.

Okay logistically, how do I make my Ipad work for IPS?  Prior to my gallery premiere I create a slideshow on my desktop and send it to myself in Dropbox.   I have the Dropbox app on my Ipad so I can easily go and save the video to a folder I created in my camera roll labeled with my client's last name. Slideshow done, check.  I also upload all images from the session to dropbox in a folder labeled with the client's last name.  I use these images to import into the YouProof app(this is the best app I have found for proofing on the Ipad).  YouProof allows me to go through all images one by one with my client after we have watched the slideshow to determine which images will get a thumbs up, sideways thumb for maybe and thumbs down.  Once we have narrowed down to their favorites, I use the Preveal app to show them what their faves would look like as wall art.  Preveal is an app that allows you to take a picture with your Ipad of their space and virtually hang images on the wall.  This helps them determine which collection will work best for them.  My collections are product heavy because my ideal clients see the value in the printed items opposed to the digital files.  I bring along with me samples of all the products I offer in my collections.  After choosing the collection, YouProof has a feature that emails you the sizes of each image your clients selected making the gift print order a breeze.

Need to know how Ipad connects to the client's television?  Depending on your generation of Ipad will depend on which adapter you will need but just make sure it is an hdmi adapter and you should be fine.  I suggest buying a longer hdmi cord to you have some space and are not sitting right on top of their tv.

So you ready for IPS?

XO, Jen

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