Never wasn't good enough

I am so excited to finally share my video with you!!!  It was a thought I had a few years ago that I wanted to shoot a behind the scenes video of a session.  You see tons of BHS pics or even the occasional iphone video but I wanted something that really showed who I was.  I messaged a mutual friend of a videographer to ask for their contact info.  He got right back with me with the contact info and I just let it sit.  I didn't contact the videographer.  I wanted to.  I knew I wanted to the video but I felt held back.  

Fast forward to January 2015 when I decided that this was MY year to get my business where I always knew it should be.  As photographer we all need to find our "niche" the "sweet spot".  I think I am there.  I love fashion.  I love the editorial look.  I love being a creative.  So naturally, I thought Senior Photography was it, right?  Wrong.  I tried it.  And it was not for me.  I love the little people.  The giggles, the in between moments, the moments that reminded me of my own little people.  I wanted styled fashion type sessions but with young people who still gave me the creative vision.

So, forgetting that I even had this contact number I went back to message the same mutual friend of the videographer I wanted.  Low and behold, the contact number was sitting right there in my face.  It was now or never and this time never wasn't good enough.  I contacted Morrow with Southern Wind Creative and said I am ready.  We met, went back and forth with ideas with his team and then set our session date.

Session date was here and I had three of the prettiest little people ready to rock it.  I talked about and shared from that session here.  

I am so excited to share this with you...and so many more things in this year to come!