Mia turns ONE - Mandeville, LA Photographer

I can not believe it is already time to write this post.  My little baby has turned one on me within a blink of an eye.  I can tell you...I am not ready.  I mean I have been planning her first birthday party since I was pregnant but never realized the impact it would actually have on me.  She is my littlest little and I want to keep her at this age forever.

Thankfully my wonderful clients let me live out my carousel dream in some awesome mini sessions.  So the themed carried on when I went along with my hubby on a business trip.  We were strolling around the outdoor mall and there it was waiting just for me(I swear it was)...a beautiful empty carousel!  The whole week we were there it rained but I promised myself that I would get a picture of Mia on it...and I did!  

I had an amazing assistant on this shoot!  Mr. Martin you did well...maybe you should open your own photography business! ;)

XO, Jen