Gammon Announcement Session - Saucier, Mississippi Photographer

Sometimes clients come into my life and we become fast friends.  On the very rare occasion a client comes into your life and they basically consider you family.  The Gammon family is just family.  I have photographed Sophie since she was one and Virginia won a contest I held on my Facebook page.  Since then, I have photographed every birthday, Christmas, Just because this dress is so pretty session, dream couture sessions, their cousins, family members weddings...I could continue to go on.  Of all the sessions, when I got the text that it would be THIS session, a pregnancy announcement session, my heart was bursting with happiness.  It happened...just like it was suppose to.  

Sophie is going to be a sister(she wants a sister and I say it might be a boy).  In just an instance this family went from three to four.  I will admit, it is a little strange.  I have always been use to this crew but excited to see the new dynamic.

We are so excited for you baby Gammon..of course your sister is dressed to impress you in her Well Dress Wolf.