What Should I Wear to My Fall Family Photoshoot? | Jen Meadows Photography

Okay, so the cooler weather is here and you have booked your favorite family photographer for a fall session. The question I get ALL of the time is…”What should I Wear to My Fall Family Photoshoot?” My advice is always…make sure colors are complimentary but do not go matchy matchy. Also, please PLEASE do not over/underdress the little kiddos. If they are hot, they are going to be cranky. If they are freezing, they are going to have watery eyes and chattering teeth!

So I thought I would share some of my favorite family looks with you! This look below is one of my favorites. The green and blue tones completely compliment this family’s skin tone and beautiful eyes! Aren’t they stunning?! Love the Thompson’s and can’t wait to see them again this year!

Fall Family Outfits

Another great option, is the burgundy tones with hints of blue on the boys! See mama and baby girl are complimentary but not matchy! I love how mama has paired a sweater dress with high boots. Plus, I love shooting at Fontainebleau State Park because this just oozes Southern Louisiana charm for fall family shoots.

Fall Family Outfits for photoshoot

Oh and this combo! Big heart eyes(and the Green’s are adding to the family this year)! I love how dad’s tie compliments everyone else’s outfit without being TOO much. Something I would also suggest is try everything on before your session. DO. NOT. WAIT. You never know how things will fit or if an undergarment is necessary with some of the things we buy online. And I KNOW, most of us order outfits for sessions.

Family Photoshoot with great outfits

So it looks like navy seems to be a big hit in the fall after looking at these sessions! And I actually love it! Another thing to consider is accessories and shoes. Make sure if you are wearing a long necklace that you keep in mind it might get caught in your dress/shirt or might shift and while we try to look at everything as photographers we are mostly trying to get that little one smiling! Also, wedges for mamas instead of a stiletto type heel is genius! Clearly sinking in the ground as you walk or getting a leaf stuck in them isn’t fun! Oh, and scarves are a great way to add to ANY outfit! If you feel like your outfit is missing something, add a scarf with a pop of color!

Fall Family Outfits for Pictures

I hope these tips help! And of course my clients know, you can alwayyyyys text me a picture of what you have planned and I can give some input(actually love doing this.)

Be on the look out in a few weeks for tip on Christmas Photoshoot Outfit ideas!