My Family | Slidell, LA Photographer

I am so thankful I get to shoot amazing moments of my clients but my favorite littles to shoot will always be these three!  Getting these three amigos together is always a big to do BUT it is so fulfilling! Thank the good Lord for blessing me with each of them.  

Boston Paul, I have no doubt God saw that I knew nothing about patience but gave me you so I could learn.  I am still learning.  I also know without a doubt that you are mine because you show me constantly what a heart of gold looks like.  I want to be like you.  You are more than I could have ever dreamed of.  YOU made me a mommy...thank you for that my son.  I love you to infinity and beyond.

Kylie Marie, you have had me from the very first moment I met you, literally.  You are the light of your daddy's life and one of the reasons I love him so much.  I love just how smart and creative you are.  When I come over and you have self-made games ready for me to play is my favorite.  Every time I leave, I am already looking forward to our next "Girls Day" together.  I simply adore you sweet girl.

Mia Meadows, you were my game changer.  You are my sassy and independent little princess.  I love how well-spoken you are.  Being your mom has taught me that regardless what happens in life being a mom IS what I am best at.  From the very start you were a mama's girl and I just soak it all up.  You are very smart and I want you to dream big like you already do!

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Boston Paul
Kylie Marie
Mia Meadows
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