Get out of your photography rut! 5 ways to refresh your business. #dreambigsession

In an earlier post, I talked about taking time off and reevaluating my business and the direction I wanted it to go.  It took some time but I knew exactly where I wanted to go and this time I had a plan on how to get there.  

I had already been shooting for a few years so I was not at the "build a portfolio" stage but had to get out of the rut/hiatus I was in.  I think planning and should searching urged me to create this list.  We have all been in a rut so most of this can be used in any stage of your business.

  1. Be creative!  Sounds easy enough but there is more to it.  Think out a session before shooting it.  Just get your creative juices going and create!  You can draw it out(stick people are cool), write down your ideas or make a flat lay(like a mood board).  JUST GO...NOW...CREATE.
  2. Shoot every day.  Even if it is not a session.  Just shoot.  It could be the squirrel outside, your kids spilling Cheerios everywhere, your dog napping.  The subject is not the point the practice is. 
  3. Try a new lens.  Rent it, borrow, beg for it, steal it(okay don't steal it).  This will immediately get the creativity going.  It just will, trust me.
  4. Find your tribe.  Get in a group of like-minded individuals and learn from them.  Do not do it in the silent/inactive kind of way but participate!  Ask questions, that's what these types of groups are for.  
  5. Refresh your website.  People have to know you are still there and Google searches will help your traffic(but this could be a whole post on it's own)

Okay, that's enough to get the party started!